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  • Lin Hill (Monday, December 21 15 03:18 am EST)

    I was so impressed and surprised at the tremendous degree of pain relief I experienced after receiving Reiki only once from Nancy​! I was concerned that I would have to go through yet another surgery
    to be able to walk properly again. I have no worries about that now! The pain is GONE!
    I am more grateful than you will ever know! Thank you, Nancy​!

  • Linda Wallace (Monday, October 26 15 10:34 pm EDT)

    I met Nancy through my husband, who is a truck driver. He was getting loads of sand from the plant that Nancy was working at. She was telling him things about me (good things) and she hadn't event
    talked with me or met met me. All of it was true. Also told him about his aunt that had recently passed away. Nancy gave him her card to give to me and asked me to call her which I did. She told me a
    lot of things that were right on. But one of the best things is we became friends!! I Love her dearly. She has a golden heart and cares deeply for people and animals. She is an excellent medium. She
    is right on. She is very positive and very easy to talk with. I have had 2 reading with her and will continue to get them.

  • Tammy Gush Bollen (Thursday, October 22 15 01:32 pm EDT)

    Back almost two years ago I woke up with a severe case of bells palsy. Bells palsy attacks your 7th nerve in the brain stem which branches out to one or the other sides of your face causing paralysis
    and can be very painful. I was unable to close my eye for three months. Nancy reached out to me and offered her reiki services to me and let me tell you she was amazing. Never did I ever think that
    kind of energy could ever do anything, but I am here to tell you she was able to get my eye to shut and also my face was a lot better after the session. I felt wonderful and from there on out I have
    seen so much improvement. Nancy has been very gifted from the day she was born. I highly recommend her.

  • Lisa Woods (Wednesday, October 21 15 07:51 pm EDT)

    I have known Nancy her entire life. We are cousins. We spent a lot of time together, as children, playing in the woods, where she grew up. Those are some of my best childhood memories. As adults, we
    come in and out of each others lives, and there always seems to be a reason for it. There was a time in my life, when my children were younger, I was feeling down, and lost. My Mother had passed a
    few years before that. I missed her terribly. I would go to her picture, and long for a conversation with her. I just wanted her to tell me everything was going to be all right. Then out of the blue,
    Nancy called me. We hadn't spoken in quite some time. She asked me how I was doing, and of course, I said fine. Then Nancy said to me, are you sure, because your mom has been coming to me. She wanted
    me to let you know everything is all right. I broke down in tears. Nancy truly made me feel at peace. I enjoy every chance I have to sit, and have a conversation with Nancy. I find her very
    knowledgeable, on so many levels. Listening to her, always makes me look at things, in different ways. I always walk away, with the feeling of hope. I love her dearly, and wish her well in all the
    journey's, that choose her, to go on!!

  • Laurie Stanley (Wednesday, October 21 15 08:43 am EDT)

    I met Nancy through a group we both are members of. Our friendship grew beyond the group. In our first telephone conversation, she "read" my energy right away. She told me things about me that no one
    would know. All positive, all good, but also some guidance which I have greatly adhered to. To have a gift like this and to share with others is amazing!!! She even told me things that I experience
    were messages from my Grandmother!! Such a comfort. Such beauty!! I reach out to others who would love insight and answers. Nancy is a great comfort and what she shares is beautiful!!

  • Maryann (Sunday, October 18 15 08:26 pm EDT)

    Another amazing and accurate reading once again. She provides a service that is often necessary for someone to gain closure after a relative or friends passing. She provided that closure for my
    daughter with the passing of a very good friend. She needed to know that he was okay in order for her to move forward in her healing. I would also recommend her Reiki services. Very therapeutic and
    has helped restore balance. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone needing a reading, reiki or an aura analysis. Always a positive experience for me.

  • Zanne Montgomery (Ireland) (Sunday, October 18 15 07:20 pm EDT)

    Very professional, exceptionally gifted and genuinely caring are just a few of the word that I use to describe Nancy and the amazing work she does.
    Since my first contact with her in August 2015, my life has changed enormously. I am so much more confident and aware of my own gifts, my depression has lifted and I am focussed again. Nancy has
    helped me to recognise who I really am and to begin to realise that in the outer world. She has inspired and uplifted me; she is truly a healer in the deepest sense of the word. Her immense intuition
    and the ability to communicate so clearly have enabled me to develop an insight that I did not previously have. Most uniquely, Nancy has an ability that enables others to recognise and develop their
    own just seems to happen so naturally and rapidly.
    Incredibly, Nancy has managed all of this despite the distance between us...she being in the US while I am in Ireland. Whether the contact with Nancy is face to face or online, it does not seem to
    make any difference!
    Thank you so much Nancy for the powerful healing that you have brought to me.

  • Bethany Worrey (Sunday, October 18 15 03:14 pm EDT)

    How do I begin to inform you of how grateful I am for the work Nancy has provided me with. I first got the honor and privilege of meeting her for a reading, which was recommended by a mutual friend.
    She immediately picked up on my empathic abilities and made me feel secure in what I had suspected in what I had been experiencing. Her reading assisted me greatly in my unresolved feelings with my
    loved ones who had passed. She also picked up on how my relationship at that time was draining my energy. I left our first appointment feeling so relieved and with hope for my future. Nancy and I
    have recently been given the opportunity to reconnect after losing touch for a couple of years. I was in desperate need of some guidance with my abilities due to the amount of tragic and extreme
    emotions I was dealing with on a daily basis with my clients in my profession. She has transformed my abilities in not only my career, but in my personal life as well. I am now able to protect myself
    from unwanted negative energy from others and harvest my own energy instead of absorbing others. She has also created a confidence in me in recognizing signs, lessons, and messages from the spirit
    world. As well as, how to ground and open my third eye with crystal work. I strongly believe that Nancy was introduced to me to guide me in a healthier more balanced direction in my life. I strongly
    recommend her services and can ensure that she will leave you with the results that you are seeking. Her honest and genuine spirit's purpose is meant to assist those of us in need of enlightenment.
    Thank you Nancy, from the bottom of my heart, I look forward to each and every single one of our meetings.

  • Michelle petty (Sunday, October 18 15 02:15 pm EDT)

    I had just lost my mom. I was in creationism and hopelessly lost. Nancy messaged me on Facebook with a message from my mom. It was amazing! It really helped me get through a very hard time. I am
    eternally grateful. Thank you Nancy

  • Marion Decker (Saturday, October 03 15 11:56 pm EDT)

    I have known Nancy for several years and she is a wonderful person. She has helped me open up my talents, instructed my reiki class, has been my mentor and friend! I struggled with a lot of my own
    inner emotions and when she gave me a reiki session, I was able to release those emotions so I could move on in my life journey. She has given me readings that were spot on, and have helped me set
    the milestones I walk today. Nancy is surely my inspiration and I value her as a person and a friend. I will continue to grow and learn from Nancy's infinite wisdom and knowledge as everyone around
    her does! Thank you Nanch for being so awesome!

  • FRANCIE Clark (Friday, October 02 15 01:54 pm EDT)

    I've always been fascinated by psychics, mediums and past lives etc. I met Nancy about 5 years ago, and it was as if the universe put us on a "collision" course ! She was put in my path to help me
    find my "soul purpose". She recognized right away that I had the "gift" and has since coached me in "opening up". In so doing I've come to "know" and "trust" myself and truly feel like I have a
    purpose on this earth. She's a power house of experience and information. She's shone patience and compassion while mentoring me in my "awakening". I couldn't have done it without her !!! She's also
    given me reikie for a sprained ankle in the past, and let me tell you.... IT WORKS! My ankle healed in a fraction of the time !!! It's truly amazing ! I can't say enough about her talent and
    expertise !!! Thank you universe and thank you Nancy!

  • Kathy Kline (Saturday, September 13 14 07:10 pm EDT)

    Nancy is an excellent medium. She read me and her eyes turned the same color blue that my grams was. It was truly amazing.
    She is the real deal. It's comforting to know that my grandparents are still around me
    Thanks Nancy. You are very gifted.

  • Kelly Cunningham (Monday, May 27 13 09:46 pm EDT)

    My experience was awesome. I have a vascular tumor in my shoulder that caused me a great deal of pain. During my session with Nancy she focused on my energy in my shoulder and I felt awarm sensation
    go down my arm and out of my finger tips. The pain has been gone since and not returned in six years. I've had other sessions with Nancy focusing on other issues and had terrific results. After each
    session I have a clearity like no other. Her insights are profound and inlightining. I highly recommend her.

  • Billy Brown (Friday, May 24 13 07:50 am EDT)

    I received a reading and Reiki sessions from Nancy Fairchild. I found them to be helpful in understanding more about myself. She has always been someone that I can trust and feel comfortable talking
    with. She provided me with various things to try to relief stress and things of that nature. They got me to relax and also relieve some pain that I had in my neck and back. She is every knowledgeable
    in the field and always has that positive attitude about her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn more about themselves or needs clarity about things that are going on in
    their life. — at Love In Life Wellness.

  • Heather Bellows Frisbie (Tuesday, May 21 13 01:25 pm EDT)

    I received Reiki from Nancy while I was pregnant with twins in the year 2008. I had just gone to the doctor and been told I was having twins and had not disclosed this info to her. During the session
    she told me that she was receiving impressions of twins, one boy and one girl. She stated that she felt the boy was unsure if he were going to make the journey into this world. A few weeks later I
    lost the twins due to a miscarriage. A few months later I became pregnant again and my little girl Layla was born. The picture posted in the gallery was taken in July of 2012. The image of the young
    boy appearing to the right of Layla looks very much like her older brother Lakota. I would recommend Nancy and her services.

  • Melissa Matthews (Tuesday, May 21 13 01:21 pm EDT)

    I have a chronic illness that at most times causes me a lot of physical pain in the 6-9 range out of a 1- 10 scale. Nancy has come to my rescue on several occasions when nothing else that my dr's
    recommend or prescribe will give me any relief. She can usually bring my pain level down to a 3 or less! Believe me, this is a major thing when you've been in paralyzing pain over an extended period
    of time. She comes right to my home, so i I can stay comfortable in my own environment. She is professional, but very warm and inviting and very calm. She puts my mind, body, and spirit at ease,
    which when I'm in that kind of pain is an unimaginable feat. Every single time I've had a session, after she left I curled up into bed and slept peacefully for several hours. When I awake, I am full
    of energy that I rarely ever have unless I've had a Reiki session with Nancy. I can usually feel relatively good for a week or more without having to use hardly any of my pain meds. For anybody who
    has any physical illness of any kind, I highly recommend you hurry up and schedule a Reiki session with Nancy! You won't believe the difference she will make to your life. I promise you that!!!

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