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Nancy Fairchild Nancy Fairchild

Nancy Fairchild

Certified Aura Analyst & Soul Realignment practitioner,  Reiki Master/Teacher



Nancy Fairchild is an Amazon #1 bestselling author in an anthology titled "Healthy, Abundant and Wise".  Through the practice of Soul Realignment, she is committed to empowering individuals by helping them align their free will and everyday life choices to the divine origination of their soul.  To do so, she uses energetic tools such as the Akashic Records, Aura photography/biofeedback, Reiki, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, symbolism, crystals and astrology, which allow her clients tap into their own innate power and gifts.  Her long term goal is to create a ministry which supports and strengthens individuals by integrating metaphysical experiences, principles and dynamics within their lives.    


In the summer of 2010, I became a certified Biopulsar Aura Analyst by attending Colour Energy's training course in Loveland, Colorado. While there, I learned how to use biofeedback to provide aura and chakra analysis and also to use colour tools to balance ones auric field. I have been practicing Traditional Usui Reiki since 2005 and received the Reiki Master/Teacher attunement in 2007 in Bayview Ohio. I have developed my natural gifts of mediumship, clairsentience and claircognzance by participating in Spiritual Insight Training classes at Lily Dale and have received certificates of competency.  However, I feel the best training I have had is simply showing up, opening the channel to the divine and being of service to individuals who have requested my help and have  allowed me not only to give but to recieve.


I have volunteered at the Trumansburg Grassroots Festival providing intuitive readings and Reiki sessions.  Other events that I have attended and provided services for, have been fund raisers, benefits, parties and private one to one readings.  One of my very most favorite Services I was hired for was in 2009 to consult and coordinate alternative wellness services and to provide Reiki sessions exclusively for an elderly couple. It was my greatest honour to hold sacred space for an individual to pass over the rainbow bridge. I will forever be grateful for the experiences and knowledge I gained sharing time with that couple."


Currently, my main focus is to be of assistance to anyone desiring to Align with their own divinity and to help them create a self determined lifestyle. My goal is to provide opportunities for self discovery using Soul Realignment, intuitive energy exploration, healing modalities, and transformational techniques which can be practically applied in everday life.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me,

Many blessings,


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