Aura & chakras

Everything is made of energy.  The energy patterns surrounding a body is known as the human aura.  The energy body is comprised of 7 layers known as fields or planes.  From outwards of the body traveling into they are the spiritual mental (ketheric), spiritual emotional (celestial), spiritual physical (etheric), astral, mental, emotional and the physical fields/planes.  The fields are made from rays of light viibrating at different frequencies that are electrically and megnetically charged or polarized.  These charges allow the transmitting and reception of information between the physical body and the environment.  It is these fields/planes that are known as the aura.  Our physical body has the slowest frequency and therefore is the densest body of the aura. The remaining fields vibrate slightly faster outwards from the physical body and connect or cocoon the physical body.   It is these faster vibrations that most people refer to as the Aura and do not realize the physical body is acturally the seventh field/plane. 


The auric field communicates to the physical body and senses via chakras.  Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy inside the physical body.  There are 7 major chakras located in the body yet there are minor chakras located in every joint in the body totaling 122.   The chakras reside in various regions of the body and govern certain organs and glands therefore playing a role in the regulation of the 12 systems of the human body. 


The following are examples of practical applications of why it is beneficial to familiarize yourself with these energy systems.


  • Manage, reduce or eliminate pain
  • Relaxation
  • Create and manage a sense of well being
  • Increase one's energy
  • Heal physical, mental, and emotional issues.
  • Increase awareness of ones self enabling empowerment
  • Gain balance, clarity and focus in one's life
  • Clear negativity and replace it with power and direction
  • Heal from trauma
  • Anxiety relief
  • Reduce life stressors
  • Recover from surgery or illness quickly




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