Aura/Biopulsar® Consultation

New bio-technologies and Kirlian photography are now proving and furthering our understanding that energy precedes form and matter.  There is great wisdom that comes with familiarizing yourself with your energy field. Your body consists of several levels of energy making up the aspects of being human. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are interwoven into an innate intelligence and are meant to be in harmony. Disturbances in the flow of your body’s energy can result in imbalances of the mind, body or spirit. Your physical body, the part that is seen with the eye, is actually a very small part of a greater whole. 

 An Aura/Biopulsar® Consultation connects your physical form with the less easily observed thoughts, images and emotions.  It shows you how you are using your energy, which will make you consciously aware of how your thoughts and feelings affect your well- being. A consult helps to identify mental, emotional and spiritual patterns you have in your life and how it affects your vitality and well-being.   This consultation teaches you how to perceive your own psyche and body, better enabling you to consciously learn to influence your body functions mentally and willingly.

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