Remedy/Product Testing

Every person has a very individual energy and reaction pattern. Remedy and product testing can be completed by taking something beneficial or harmful and placing it in your hand, holding it to your Thymus gland or placing it into the aura.  Product/Remedy testing is acquired by means of a hand sensor (age 5 and up.) which is safe, non-invasive and simple. By placing your hand on a biofeedback sensor board; while holding a product in your other hand up to your Thymus gland, you can immediately see levels of your energy and how it is effected by the product/remedy. A reading of how every major organ or gland has been affected will appear on the screen. Should the substance be harmful further weaknesses or so called side-effects can be more disastrous than the causal illness.  Testing can be recorded and saved to be compared over time, thereby creating a practical way to see real time results of medication, products, foods, thoughts or therapies.  This service will include up to 5 comparisons over the course of the therapy.

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