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 Do you already have an existing practice, store front, consulting firm, health spa or wellness center? Want to add something new, unique and interesting for your clientele?   I am so excited about the  services that Love In Life provides,  that I just don't want to keep them to myself!  I would love for my services to become your inventory! Yes that is right....inventory.  Just imagine being able to offer any one of these services to your already existing clients.  Love In Life Wellness is available to offer our services for your customers for one day…one week…or on an ongoing basis.


Here is an example of how this can work in a counselling setting.   Initially, a therapist in a private practice specializing in couples counseling has a particularly hard case who appears to be unwilling  to open up emotionally to their partner.  The individual claims he/she is expressing themself to his/her partner. He/she always makes I think statements rather than I feel statements. This is where having us as inventory could be helpful.  The Biopulsar consultation reveals a predominately yellow aura which indicates the client preferes to communicate at the mental level rather than on an emotional level. When speaking to the partner he/she is communicating with a "mental" language such as the I think statements rather than "emotional" language like I feel statements.    After the consultation on the Biopulsar, the therapist and his/her client can now see that this client really isn't experiencing a willingness problem at all.   Knowing that an individual resonates to a mental plane rather than emotional plane can open up different angles of communication in both approach and response. 


Now that you see how this can work, imagine the possibilities that these services could bring to you.  If you would like to take your expertise to a new level, lets get together, collaboration works!  Feel free to contact me to set up a consultation at info@ru1too.com or (607)259-9169.


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