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 Numerology is the study and interpretation of numbers and what influence they may have in our lives. Numbers mirror your purpose in life, motivations, where your talents may lie and characteristics which woven together make up the unique you. Numerology is based on a mathematical formula which states each letter of your name has a specific energetic vibration which is present at birth.   This formula can be interpreted to produce reports which help you discover more about yourself and give you a more detailed understanding of your future.



***All reports require your full name at birth, the name you go by now and your birthdate. Please provide this information by e-mailing it to me at  Your report will be delivered to you electronically via e-mail within 3 days after payment has been received.***

Personality Profile report

The foundation of Numerology, this chart includes 20+ pages of personalized information describing you, including your Life Path number, Birthday number, Expression number and Heart's Desire number.

Future Forecast Report

Your personal cycles for the next two years, captured and explained on paper.

Daily Numerology Report

This report gives a day to day reflection for the current month we are in. It will give you insights to the energies that may be present which will help you to take precise and determinate actions throughout the day.  This report serves you best if go over it prior to an upcoming month or in the very beginning of the month and then observed on a daily basis.

Numbers Around You

Lets you arrange the numbers in your daily life for optimal success. Analyze your street address, look at what your phone numbers draw (or don't draw) to you, and find lost objects by tapping into your intuition.

Compatibility report

Ever wonder what it is that makes you enjoy one person's company more than another? This application focuses on the compatibility between two partners, whether romantic, friendly, or work-related. Not only does it provide a compatibility baseline, it also examines up the subjects' next 12 months in relation to one another.

Name Picking report

This helps you to choose the best name, not just for a child, but for anything new: a personal name change, a business you're founding, a city you're thinking of moving to, or even the title for a new work of art you've just created! This report looks not just at the Numerology of the name, but at the psychology of it, as well. It will report on both how the name affects its bearer and also on how it affects those who in come in contact with it.

Lucky Numbers report

Shift the odds in your favor! This one-of-a-kind report determines the numbers that generate the most positive potential specifically for you and your life. Pick the best phone numbers, choose dates for important events, or even use it to play games.

Color Chart

See A Life Spread Out Before You. This beautiful and compact chart includes all of the numbers found in an individual's Personality Profile in one handy reference page.

Diamond Numerology report

Seek your spiritual foundation. This unique reading looks at the interaction between the spiritual and the physical body. It is based on one of the oldest and most secret Cabalistic techniques. Quests and reincarnation, heaven and earth and everything in between, it's all fair game with the Numerology diamond.

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