Reiki, an energy system of healing from Japan, works to harmonize and bring into balance the whole you. Today, lives are fast paced and full of busyness.  This can displace your awareness of the body causing you to focus on outside events and issues. This creates periods of stress that is experienced as tension.  Tension slows down and restricts energy flow in your body adversely affecting it.  Relaxation and stress reduction promotes healing.  Once in a deep state of relaxation your body has the ability to heal itself on many levels.  Reiki provides relaxation within your body therefore promoting wellness. If you are ready to receive an alternative to life's everyday commotion, Reiki is for you.

***Reiki is a great way to help improve your animal’s health and wellbeing also.  Pet services are scheduled and performed in the home that he or she lives in so that the animal is in a familiar environment.***

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